month 11.
I use to wear shit loads of makeup to not scare people.Now I wear no makeup and scare people. For the entire 11 months this was the best my face looked,I have creme on because the burning was so bad.I remember this was the day I decided to just embrace to staring and whispering.When people stare at me I smile,when the stare for the 4th or 5th time I stare back at them and they all make the same face…like whoops I am making this girl feel uncomfortable… and then the stare is just understood! SOOOO STUPID!!!!!! but so true! I am going off about this picture because I really started to see how society disowned me! I felt the strong presence in society that I was not accepted because I looked ugly/different..
well society its you thats ugly!


One thought on “img_0474.jpg

  1. Just an FYI….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Regardless of how your skin looks! You have to be one VERY strong person to have lived through so long without any break! My first TSW was like that – but I had no idea what was happening. Now going through the second time knowing what it is. As a nurse I am not sure the right way to go about making other people and derms aware of this. I have contacted multiple news outlets and doctor shows with no response. Maybe it comes down to a lawsuit to sue for a stronger warning on the boxes for doctors and patients. Just a thought.

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