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    • Hello Melissa! Hope you are well! Facebook deleted my account because I did not use my full real name. I was mad for a while but then realized for me personally it was better to not keep obsessing over other people’s progress.i would get very depressed when I did not see the same healing results. I am now “healed” from TSW but am left with crappy left over issues. My face still goes red randomly but it’s more like flushing and it does not hurt. On my legs I am still left with the original eczema that has always been there.the collagen in my face ha perminately damaged so I looked aged. Wrinkly like sun damaged looking. Hopefully that will clear in time. I still get random small eczema
      Patches And really bad facial dryness. Finding new ways to keep my skin looking good is exhausting but I am no longer in any pain. My complexion is just dull all original eczema on legs is still there and itchy but no pain. I can get up and get to regular life with no set backs. I had a baby boy 6 months ago and he was C section. During my recovery time at the hospital they thought I was very ill and did not believe me about TSW.i spent hours teaching staff about it. One wonderful nurse put a dab of creme on my face to help me and sure enough it had 0.05 hydrocrotozine in it. I was depressed for a while feeling like all my work had gone to waste. Her intentions were good and I got over it. I now see my own personal eczema is food allergy related. Hope you are doing great! Please message me and let me know how you are doing. I took so long to respond because I couldn’t remember the password to this account.

  1. Elizabeth, are you better now? My face looked like yours when it was wrinkled, dried, and flaky. I also had steroid cream put on me for much of my childhood. I had days when I could not open my mouth to eat because my skin would crack and bleed. I recently made a drastic change and went vegan after reading about a woman whose autoimmune disease was reduced by this diet. my skin has cleared, though I use a lot of antihistamines still. I also keep moisture with colloidal oatmeal creams, though once your skin is broken, almost everything burns it! Did you find something that worked for you? I hope I don’t sound like I am trying to give you unwanted advice, i know how annoying that can be and I apologize in advance, but your rashes looked a lot like mine.

    • Hello, thank you for the advice! I appreciate it.I too believe diet helps and eating cleaner has helped my skin.i have tried everything you can think of creme wise. For me, kale in smoothies makes a huge difference (keeps flares down) lots of water and folic acid everyday (pill form). I use a no name drug mart creme (the ones they use as a base to make cremes at the pharmacy) also I use vitamin E,A pure oil.I mix the vitamin oil in to the creme,it helps me.I have tried everything and that is the only thing my skin will take too and does not burn.My skin has calmed down but the original eczema is still on my skins biggest problem now is looking very dehydrated,very wrinkly,very old/aged looking.from time to time I get random small flares which I do believe are caused by what I eat. Hope you are doing well! Xo

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