my first post!

I am in my 11th month of TSW.I am not a blogger and do not want to become one.I am busy trying to run my self owned company while withdrawing.I have read several blogs and websites on TSW. I am so angry with this whole thing,that I have nothing nice to say in blogs. I am going to post pictures to help others see the truth.I want to add my story to all the others and do what I can to make this known.This process makes me sick to my stomach.I cannot believe I never knew the truth.Here is my story.

At age 5 I broke out with rashes on my face.My parents were instructed to put topical steroids on the patches.After that I was covered in head to toe “eczema”. I am now 30 years old and have struggled with “eczema” my whole life. I am sad to find out that since the age of 5 my body has been trying to withdrawal from topical steroid addiction. My skin is an addict.looking back it all makes sense now.After years of testing I have no known allergies.I found Kelly’s website and I knew right away.I am so sad about this whole process,my heart breaks for all the people and especially the children going through this.MY process has been awful,I lost a lot of hair and I have flared every day for 8 months straight (full body) I have not had one break since Sept 2012.My flares are a lot worse than any pictures or documentation I have seen.I have been having an extremely hard time with it.My friends and family do not understand it and believe I should just go back on TS.(sad) here is a list of my experiences with TSW.

red skin,burning,dry,non stop flaking,elephant skin,scabs,swollen eyes(bad) bumps under skin,hair loss,sensitive to everything,nerve pain,no sleep,tingles,non stop itch,pours and glands opening wide,oozing,swelling,metallic taste all the time,poor vison,emotions of whack,appetite out of whack,scrapes all over skin,open cuts from scratching all the time.blood all over my clothes,sheets,pillows. and the list goes on.

My heart goes out to all the people going through this.I hope we can get our message out! I know our fight against the FDA and the billion dollar industry will be a tough one,but if we can fight  through TSW,We can fight through anything! ALL we ask is for a safety label.

All we ask is for a label to be put on it!